The best films on TV: Wednesday, 22 April

30 Days of Night, Wonder, A Single Shot.

There’s a powerfully emotive drama, some Oscar-winning movies and a Sam Rockwell double bill today as TopFilmTip brings you the best films on TV for Wednesday, 22 April.

In inescapable orbit of facially-disfigured boy, friends and family find their lives and hearts uplifted as he self-actualises in deeply affecting, masterfully emotive drama Wonder 6:45pm Film4

Softened by success, self-doubting Italian stallion must rediscover his eye-of-the-tiger with beefcaking montages and short-shorts fun at the beach in Rocky III 9pm ITV 4

Wily bounty hunter outsmarts FBI, mobsters and rivals to deliver money launder in characterful, flawless odd-couple fun Midnight Run 9pm Film4

Robert De Niro stands in the desert with Charles Grodin in a scene from the film 'Midnight Run', 1988. (Photo by Universal/Getty Images)

The few survivors of vampire onslaught on Alaskan town battle blood-lusting baddies in axe-decapitating, JCB melee: 30 Days Of Night 10pm SyFy

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Pulling no punches, loquacious force-of-will personified blazes trail through haters and humanity alike in intricate, intimate pugilistic powerhouse biopic Ali 11:10pm ITV 4

Cowardly, intellectual, sporty teen learns fortitude from terminally ill ex-assassin in wry-witted coming of age dramedy Ashby 11:35pm Film4

Accidental killing of a woman draws creeping chaos upon stubborn rural poacher Sam Rockwell in grimy tension builder A Single Shot 11:45pm Sony Movies

Awkward boy escapes parental penumbra and with Sam Rockwell's quick quipping friendship self-actualises at waterpark The Way Way Back 1:25am Channel 4

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