The best films to watch on UK TV today: Sunday, 18 October

The Hitman's Bodyguard, The Greatest Showman, Detroit.
The Hitman's Bodyguard, The Greatest Showman, Detroit.

Take your pick from an Alex Cross double bill, hard hitting historical dramas, and THE greatest show as TopFilmTip brings you the best films on TV for Sunday, 18 October

Some films may require a Sky subscription.

Driven to insanity by hunger, once proud New-Yorker craves his best friend's striped flesh- brine spitting kids comedy Madagascar 11:00am Film 4

Feeling they Should Have Been Loved soldiers walk 500 Miles to Edinburgh to find a Misty Blue Sky Takes The Soul Sunshine on Leith 12:45am Film 4

Never has a mission to the pub been so hard fought, the beers so deserved, so rightly won and satisfyingly drunk Ice Cold in Alex 11:40am Sony Movies Action

Escape From Alcatraz meets The Great Escape when POWs escape an escape proof prison in WW2 escape thriller The Colditz Story 2:20pm Sony Movies Action

Boxtrolls (Credit: Laika)
Boxtrolls (Credit: Laika)

Daughter of neglectful cheese-chomper aids bug-eating boy's fiendish friends in delightfully dark, grotesque comedy The Boxtrolls 3:05pm ITV2

Vegetarian predator helps gambling addicted sea creature single the fishy-mob in undersea kids coming-out allegory Shark Tale 4:55pm ITV2

CoE poet and cosmological genius forge unconventional love in face of MND, fame and temptation in flawless gem The Theory of Everything 3:50pm Sony Movies

Vietnam vets and sly scientists explore hidden land of MUTO monsters and mega mammals in helicopter hurticane heaven Kong: Skull Island 6:45pm ITV2

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When tragedy visits, pacifist widower must act despite efforts keep his children out of the Civil War in moving drama Shenandoah 6:50pm Paramount Network

Wonderfully incongruous mix of gangsters, outback survival and kangaroos with guns in criminal killing, flipped ‘fish out of water’ guilty pleasure Crocodile Dundee II 6:50pm E4

Imaginative outsider walks tightrope of societal expectations, rewrite the stars and makes ‘A Million Dreams Come Alive’ in extraordinary celebration of humanity The Greatest Showman 7:00pm Channel 4

Unappreciated entertainer saves wedding, ruins another and falls for philanderer's fiancé in flight finagling fun The Wedding Singer 9:00pm Comedy Central

Feuding murderer and personal protector fractiously unite to convict war criminal: car/bike/boat stunting fun The Hitman's Bodyguard 9:00pm Film 4

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Goat-sportsing child-soldier encourager aids Mujahideen insurgents’ quest for Russian blood in tank vs helicopter fun Rambo III 9:00pm ITV4

Wiley weirdo witches find support and solace wreaking magical vengeance for wrongs wicked men only to face consequential fury of their own wishes The Craft 9:00pm 5 Star

Disparate young people endure night of nightmarish terror and brutality at hands of racist power-tripping riot police in true story powerhouse drama Detroit 10:00pm BBC Two

Forget beaches, booze and sunshine. Today’s travellers prefer putrid post communist backwaters for a holiday. Find out why in Hostel 10:50pm Horror Channel

Fiscally ruined everyman Jack O’Connell takes TV stocks tipster hostage in Jodie Foster’s taut Wall Street thriller Money Monster 10:55pm Sony Movies

Gifted with bat-powers and passion for hard BDSM in night-crawling justice seeker murders criminals, watches women die, fails to acquire fortune, car or cave Daredevil 11:00pm Comedy Central

Edgar Wright's cop comedy 'Hot Fuzz'. (Credit: Universal)
Edgar Wright's cop comedy 'Hot Fuzz'. (Credit: Universal)

Overachieving officer takes on cake scoffing cops, NWA in serial killer, hound yarp-ing, decaffeinated driver comedy gem Hot Fuzz 11:05pm ITV4

Ex-brother learns bedtime BDSM, subaqua-cycling and coconut-crushing VanDamage to publicly murder Dave Bautista Kickboxer: Vengeance 11:10pm Paramount Network

Grieving virgin is targeted by film-quizzing, stab-happy Edvard Munch inspired serial killer in 1990's teen meta horror Scream 11:10pm 5 Star

When his niece is kidnapped, Morgan Freeman uses his dulcet tones to seek serial lady abductor in Alex Cross’ Kiss the Girls 11:20pm Film 4

Irrepressible Olympian survives months adrift upon ocean to endure years of sadistic POW abuse in Face punching true tale Unbroken 00:00am Channel 4

Gunless cowboy and swordless samurai battle despot’s killer gang in stupendously stylised post-apocalyptic beat’em up fun Bunraku 1:00am Sony Movies

Morgan Freeman is drawn into demented kidnapper's sadistic game of hilarious internets in Alex Cross thriller Along Came a Spider 1:35am Film 4

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