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The 6 best Friendsgiving gifts to take to your bestie’s place because no one should show up empty-handed

It’s 2023, so I think we can all agree that Friendsgiving (like Galentine’s Day) is a very real and very important holiday. Not only do you get to enjoy all the Thanksgiving food twice, but you also get to do so with your ride-or-dies instead of your cousin’s boyfriend, who always takes the last piece of the pie. And the host is the angel that keeps it together.

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Just like with Thanksgiving, hosting Friendsgiving is a true test of high-stakes endurance — even if said host isn’t providing any of the food. Whether your Friendsgiving is an intimate dinner for four or an all-out fête 40+ heads deep, your host is handling a lot. Other than the menu, there’s the decor, the party games, the table settings, doing post-dinner dishes and generally making sure the vibes are immaculate. So, yes, you should absolutely come prepared with a small Friendsgiving gift for your host.

Sure, you can always go the easy hosting route with some flowers or wine, but why? Flowers die, and the wine won’t last the night. To take the stressful gift-giving panic out of the equation, here’s a tight list of the best Friendsgiving gifts to show up with this year, including the most amazing dish towel with very happy dogs playing in leaves.

The tried-and-true host gift has always been — and forever will be — a candle. However, this candle specifically says "Friendsgiving" on it, so it's very on-theme. Notes feature toasted pecan, allspice, sage, sheer musk and vanilla.

$29 at Homesick

Even though you're leaving this with the host, a card game is an easy crowd-pleaser. This game includes two “modes” and will require participants to tap into their emotions, leading to stronger-than-ever relationships. There are also a handful of expansion packs if you want to spice things up.

$25 at Amazon

You really can't go wrong with a little something from Le Creuset as a grown-up, fancy, mature, etc., etc. gift. Whether or not the host can actually cook, they deserve one of these festive pumpkin Le Creuset mini cocottes.

$50 at Le Creuset

This autumnal dish towel from Anthropologie has dogs playing in leaves! Dogs playing in leaves!

$24 at Anthropologie

This sweet recipe box comes with pre-labeled index cards so everyone in attendance can write down the recipe for what they brought for dinner. Plus, everything tastes good with a little bit of lemon zest.

$33 at Amazon

Think of this memory book as a guest book, but cuter and a lot more thoughtful. In it, you'll find a guest list, pages to write (or draw!) special memories from the night, a time capsule section to remember all of the pop culture mess you discussed this year and so much more.

$9 at Amazon

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