Here are some of the best memes of Trump's historic scowling mugshot

  • Donald Trump's mugshot, as part of his RICO indictment, was released on Thursday.

  • In the photo, he scowls and stares angrily at the camera.

  • The internet quickly got to work crafting hilarious quips and imaginative video edits.

After much anticipation, former President Donald Trump's historic mugshot dropped on Thursday evening. In it, he looks almost comically angry, with arched eyebrows and a razor-sharp stare.

The picture was taken when Trump was booked for the ongoing RICO case that alleges he and 18 co-defendants (including former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows and Rudy Giuliani, Trump's former attorney) worked to overturn the 2020 election results in Georgia.

Memes about the mugshot began to circulate immediately. There were  POV jokesfantastical editsTaylor Swift-themed shitpostsbootleg mugshot images, and endless pop culture references. An army of internet users have already changed their profile picture to Trump's mugshot.

A tweet that put Trump's mugshot side-to-side with a picture of Roz, the stern employee from the animated movie "Monsters, Inc," has been liked over 57,000 times.

Other popular posts made his mugshot extremely relatable: One post said this was the look a cashier would give if you don't offer a tip, while another said this is what your chicken nuggets look like cooking in the microwave at 3 a.m.


Some people joked about how the mugshot is actually a good one — with Trump looking so aggravated it verges on camp. "He's kinda servingggggg (time)," one user wrote.

People have also spread humorous misinformation (misinfo-tainment?) about the mugshot, like one user claiming it was hung up in the National Portrait Gallery. At least one apparently bootleg version of the mugshot photo has also been spreading, in which Trump looks gleefully sinister.

"This is like ….the face a guy makes when he takes ur bra off for the first time," one user captioned a post of the fake Trump mugshot.

On TikTok, there's a torrent of content ridiculing the mugshot or making parody clips with it. One flashy edit with over two million views adds a wig over Trump's head as Nicki Minaj's song with B.o.B, "Out Of My Mind," plays in the background. Another video riffs on the classic "look at this photograph" Nickelback meme with — you guessed it — Trump's mugshot.

Some TikTokers have made sketches imagining what Trump acted like as he took his mugshot: "OK, what if I did a kissy face, though?" one person joked. "Or what if I smiled with teeth?"

People have already begun repurposing the image with inventive ideas: A self-described "Democrat Siwftie" made a sweatshirt design with Trump and the co-defendants' mugshots in the style of Taylor Swift's "Eras" tour poster. Someone else printed out the photos and onto an actual mug with wrap-around text that says, "THE MOST SATISFYING CUP OF COVFEFE, EVER."

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