Best New Cast Members of ‘Big Brother 19’

On Wednesday’s season premiere of Big Brother 19, we met the new cast and gave them awards based on our first impression.

The New Fan Favorite award winner has to be Jason, the excitable cowboy. By trade, he’s an auctioneer and rodeo clown. He describes his clown’s persona, Whistle Nut, as “one bad mother.”

The Worst Roommate Ever award would go to Alex, who loves to prepare for the apocalypse and play video games. While gaming, her strategy is to ditch the gun and “stab, stab, stab, stab,” because nobody sees it coming.

Raven was the Most Likely to Try to Start Her Own Hashtag. She runs an all-women ghost-hunting service. She described it as, “W.I.G. — Women Investigating Ghosts. We don’t wig out, we figure it out.”

The Most Relatable cast member was Ramses, who proudly shared that he was a cosplayer to the deafening silence and confusion of his housemates.

With new housemates, there are bound to be new alliances. The Alliance That Will Go the Distance award goes to Ramses, Alex, and Megan, who made the bold commitment to consider themselves not an alliance but “a group of people considering strategy.” That’s the way to win!

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