Best places for breakfast in Bangalore

Bangalore or Bengaluru is a melting pot of different cultures. Thanks to the IT revolution, Bengaluru has managed to attract people not just from around the country, but also the world. And while some of the biggest five star restaurants happen to serve great international and local cuisines, it’s at the hole-in-the-wall restaurants and the joints-around-the-corner where you’ll find the best breakfasts in Bangalore. Conveniently, we’ve rounded up 10 such places for you.

Vidyarthi Bhavan, Basavangudi
Older than Independent India, Vidyarthi Bhavan is one of the most popular breakfast places in the city. Known for its masala dosas that are served with their signature chutney and sambar, Vidyarthi Bhavan can get extremely busy during breakfast hours, especially on the weekends. Make sure you’re prepared to wait in queue for as long as an hour. Have their filter coffee while you wait.
Opens at: 6.30 am
Photograph: Vidyarthibhavan / Instagram

Koshy’s, Ashok Nagar
The legend of Koshy’s may well be more popular than the restaurant itself. It’s where Nehru, Khrushchev and Queen Elizabeth II dined at different points of their lives and put Koshy’s on the world map. Yet Koshy’s continues to remain its unassuming self, serving an eclectic mix of sausages, bacon and omelettes as well as dishes such as appam and stew that can be washed down with a glass of their trademark creamy cold coffee.
Opens at: 9 am
Photograph: Brewandbreeze / Instagram

Central Tiffin Room (CTR) - Shri Sagar, Malleshwaram
Yet another place to have masala dosas in Bengaluru is Central Tiffin Room. The Benne Masale Dose may be CTR’s most popular dish, but so are the kali dosa and chow chow bhath. Like at Vidyarthi Bhavan, be prepared for a long wait here.
Opens at: 7.30 am
Photograph: Bangaloreepicure / Instagram

Hole In The Wall Café, Koramangala
If dosas and south Indian breakfast isn’t your scene, pull over at Hole in the Wall Café in Koramangala. Eggs—from omelettes to fried and scrambled—served with keema or mashed potatoes are signature staples here at Hole in the Wall. Try out their American Breakfast or the All English Breakfast, round them off with pancakes and waffles and set off on your day’s march.
Opens at: 8.30 am
Photograph: Theholeinthewallcafe / Instagram

Mavalli Tiffin Room ( MTR), Basavangudi
What can be said about Mavalli Tiffin Room that hasn’t already been said? The restaurant lives up to its legend and serves what may well be the best rava idli in the city. The tiny hole in the wall joint is always packed, but it’s not because of its size, but rather the exceptional quality of food that is served here. Rub shoulders with celebrities and famous Bangaloreans who quietly wait their turn just like everyone else. Wash down the masala dosas, vadais, and idlis with a cup or three or filter coffee and you’re good to go.
Opens at: 6.30 am
Photograph: bharat_trueblue / Instagram

Brahmin's Coffee Bar, Basavangudi
The uppit and kara bhath are most recommended at Brahmin’s Coffee Bar, but the star attraction here is the filter coffee that’s managed to maintain its standard since the ’60s. There’s also the mouth-watering idli, but coffee…that ultimate pick-me-up… is what you really shouldn’t miss here.
Opens at: 6 am
Photograph: Bangaloreepicure / Instagram 

South Thindies, Basavangudi
You may tend to get a mixed response about the reputation of South Thindies, but if the crowds waiting outside this self-service set-up are anything to go by, it’s a restaurant worth trying. The limited menu of less than a dozen dishes makes sure the food is served at breakneck speed and the quality maintained. Besides their regular fare of idlis and uthappas, parottas and kesari bhaath, consider trying their bread dosa. We’ll let your imagination take flight.
Opens at: 7.30 am
Photograph: Anemptystomachtale / Instagram

154 Breakfast Club, Koramangala 3rd Block
Bangaloreans love to drink; we know that already. But where do they head over the morning after? 154 Breakfast Club may open at 9 am, but serves the biggest breakfast in town. Consider ordering the Three-Way Breakfast consisting of pancakes, scrambled eggs, and bacon or Chicken Medley comprising salami, sausages and eggs sunny side up and wrapping it all up with their strawberry or banana milkshakes. 
Opens at: 9 am
Photograph: Thebarenakedmenu / Instagram

Airlines Hotel, Lavelle Road 
Idlis, dosas, vadais…there’s no dearth of good joints serving those in Bengaluru and Airlines Hotel is one such place. What it also serves, though are non-south Indian dishes such as chole, parathas, chana bhatura and, somewhat confoundingly, pav bhaji. 
Opens at: 7 am
Photograph: Surajvnair / Instagram

New Krishna Bhavan, Malleshwaram
Filter coffee, masala dosa, button idli, rava dosa…New Krishna Bhavan is more of the same, sure. But go here for the ambience too. It’s where seniors from the neighbourhood will converge after their morning walk, where friends meet and the room is filled with lively conversations. It’s what makes New Krishna Bhavan stand out. We loved it; we have a feeling you will too. Tip: check out their unusual green masala idlis that are heavy on the pudina flavour.
Opens at: 7.30 am
Photograph: Foodloveisforever / Instagram