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The 7 best-smelling body scrubs that will leave your skin feeling like a cherub butt

First off, if you’re not yet using a body scrub in the shower, change that. Not only do body scrubs keep the skin on your body smooth, soft and healthy by sloughing off dead skin cells, they are the closest thing you can get to a spa at home. Especially when you use them in your Everything Shower.

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Obviously, the Everything Shower is super time-consuming — because you literally use every hair and body product in your arsenal. The trick to keeping the energizing, fresh and silky-smooth vibes going until the next one is to invest in a body scrub with a smell that lasts so long you’ll feel refreshed until your next one. Pair it with a delicious-smelling body wash, and hey, you can forgo that perfume spritz.

Between citrus scents that wake you up in the morning to indulgent scents that can transport you straight to a tropical resort, there’s something for everyone. Peep below for the best-smelling body scrubs that may actually change your life.

There are about a zillion and one Tree Hut body scrub scents — and they all smell so, so good. But it's the Moroccan Rose Tree Hut scent that is consistently one of the brand's top sellers. The actual scrub itself is obviously great, but it's the scent of warm, romantic florals with notes of bergamot, tea rose and amber that makes it the best.

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$10 at Ulta

If you’re also obsessed with the Sol de Janeiro Brazillian Bum Bum cream, then you’ll fall in love with this body scrub that uses the same Cheirosa ‘62 fragrance. The scent has notes of pistachio and salted caramel for a decadent experience.

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$42 at Sephora$42 at Sol de Janeiro

Sol de Janeiro is the gift that keeps on giving, as there’s also a body scrub version of the Bom Dia Bright lotion, using the same fresh Cheirosa ’40 fragrance. Unlike the one above, this scrub exfoliates to help break down pore-clogging oils and smooth skin texture, including ingrown hairs.

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$42 at Sephora$42 at Sol de Janeiro

Basically, this super affordable Dove body scrub is pure dessert on your skin in the best way. The moisture-rich formula smells like vanilla, brown sugar and coconut purée in a surprisingly lightweight way.

$7 at Amazon

TikTok and beauty editors love this cult-favorite body scrub. The eucalyptus scent basically turns your shower into a spa and stays on your clean (and soft) skin all day long. It also gets so satisfyingly sudsy when you rub it over your body.

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$30 at Sephora

The fresh notes of citrus, lemon and sage make up this energizing body scrub that’s been a go-to for body scrubbers for years. High-key recommend if you're a morning shower person.

$16 at Amazon

Have you ever used a body scrub that smells like a fresh fruit stand at a farmer's market? Well, that's basically what the delicious Biossance body scrub is, thanks to the pomegranate enzymes.

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$28 at Sephora

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