Best Sounding Cars: Window Shop with Car and Driver

best sounding cars window shop
Best Sounding Cars: Window Shop with C/DCar and Driver

Of the five known human senses, hearing is one of the top three. Sound is a critical element in enjoying any vehicle, even when that vehicle is renowned for its quietness. A vehicle doesn’t need to be loud to sound great, but it’s okay if a vehicle that sounds great is also loud. All that is predicate to this episode of Car and Driver’s continuing series of hit-or-miss videos, Window Shop.

So this time the core group of hardcore Window Shoppers went hunting for the best-sounding vehicles available online for $50,000 or less. Would it be throaty V-8s? Lilting straight-sixes? Glorious V-12s? Or maybe it would be some electric with faked sounds? After all, no one cares too much about genuineness. Right?

Join editor-in-chief Tony Quiroga (KEEEEEEY-ROW-GHA), executive editor K.C. Colwell (COAL-WELL), senior editor Elana Scherr (FER-SHER), contributor Jonathan Ramsey (RAM-C) and Road & Track senior editor John Pearley Huffman (JAWN) as they go spelunking through the caverns of the Dark Web in search of machines that sound great. The choices are eclectic and, no, none of them are electric.

After another irregular interval, there will be another episode. We swear.

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