For A Better BLT With No Extra Effort, Slather Bread With Chipotle Mayo

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A BLT needs mayonnaise; without the condiment, the sandwich just wouldn't be the same. Its luscious richness is necessary to balance the savory and acidic flavors and serve as a contrast to the sandwich's crisp and juicy elements. While most would agree that mayonnaise is as much of a vital ingredient as bacon, lettuce, or tomato, the reality is that not all mayo lives up to the task. Given that some can fall short, we recommend turning to flavored options like a wonderfully complex, chipotle mayo.

Though you could make mayo from scratch (or elevate store-bought varieties), this often requires a fair bit of prep work. To rid yourself of that burden, seeking out a ready-made, flavored mayonnaise is the next best option. Of the many bottles and jars lining supermarket shelves, ditch tried-and-true garlic aioli or sriracha-laced mayo, and go instead for a spicy and smoky chipotle mayonnaise — the condiment will easily transform a simple BLT into something drool-worthy.

Made with smoke-dried jalapeño peppers and their adobo sauce, chipotle mayo is full of flavor, and a single swipe is enough to excite taste buds. How? Its nuanced smokiness works to emphasize the flavors of the bacon and tomatoes, and the fiery kick provides balance against the fresh veggies. Able to improve a boring BLT tenfold, a touch of store-bought chipotle mayo is the ultimate key to crafting a better sandwich.

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Spicing Up Your Sandwich With Chipotle Mayo

Bowl of chipotle sauce with peppers and spices
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Although there are many flavored mayonnaise and aioli brands on the market, make sure to choose one that's made with the highest quality ingredients. Generally, a chipotle mayo that's worth your while should be made with real eggs and boast flecks of chopped chipotle peppers. Likewise, it should have an amber-like hue with a predominantly smoky aroma, and a reasonable amount of spice so as to best perk up flavor.

With the chipotle mayo of your choice in tow, you can begin assembling the sandwich. Since the goal is to give BLTs another dimension of flavor and texture, don't skimp on the mayo. About a tablespoon of chipotle mayo should be swiped on each of the two bread slices. Then, layer on the lettuce, tomato, and bacon, before closing the sandwich. After slicing the chipotle-laced BLT diagonally, the only thing left to do is to give it a taste and relish the BLT in all of its glory.

Chipotle not your thing? You can still build a better BLT by incorporating a mayonnaise that's infused with spices like smoked paprika, harissa, or Cajun seasoning. Otherwise, options made with zesty barbecue sauce, savory bacon flavoring, tangy Tabasco, or sinus-clearing horseradish can also effortlessly add zing and zest. While flavors may differ slightly, a mayo with spicy and smoky flavors (regardless of the source) is still guaranteed to please the palate!

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