'Better safe than sorry': How to protect yourself on dating apps

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Romance, as it seems, has now moved on to our phones and virtual dates are the new normal as of 2021. Weather it's love you're looking for, companionship, a partner for life or even temporary happiness in the form of hookups, we end up signing on to one of those sites. 

But what we don't see beyond a point is the fact that how safe are these apps, especially for women. And taking precautions while signing up on dating apps becomes secondary of course at that moment of finding 'little joy'? 

Mr. Ravi Mittal, Founder & CEO of QuackQuack, a leading dating app in India, has some safety tips and tricks for women when dating online.

But is dating online safe?

Although the perception for dating has changed over the years, it’s always important to take safety measures when meeting someone new online or in person. QuackQuack witnessed a 12% spike in female users last year, there is more growth coming up in few years. A survey by the app revealed that 64% women feel safer using dating apps now. And with more and more women adapting to dating culture, online dating has become a new normal. However, dating is still considered as a double edged sword which is why women should highly prioritise safety.

Following the below advices can make your journey safe. Well, there's no harm in dating online till you have your safety prioritised.

Mobile device dating romance phone app.
Mobile device dating romance phone app.

Avoid oversharing:

With more women getting comfortable using dating apps now, statistics reveal that they login 48 times a day when compared to men, which is around 24 times. Even the chat statistics are higher for women when compared to men - where women chat with 25 users, men chat with 10 users at a time. It’s totally fine to chat with many to find a compatible partner but be carefully about oversharing. It's advisable not to share your personal information/photos with people you just matched with. Remember they are still strangers until you get to know them thoroughly.

Chat and then meet:

It's always good to first chat with your match and then plan to meet in person, only when you are comfortable. Do cross check profile picture of the person whom you match with.Always cut-off conversation with people who sound dubious. Statistics reveal a majority of 60% women prefer meeting in person and 40% women are comfortable dating virtually. QuackQuack recommends women to plan their date during the day ideally in a public place. And advice women to share their location with their friends before going on a date and keep them posted.

Block and report suspicious profiles:

When we say suspicious profiles it could be a person luring for money, sending inappropriate messages. That’s when you should use the weapon of blocking and reporting on dating apps. It helps as dating apps would take action and thus benefit other women as well. A survey by tells that 45% women use dating apps to make new friends, while 30% women use dating apps to find a partner to marry and don't mind taking their relationship to the next level. So safety becomes even more important when seeking trustworthy relationships.

Avoid evasive matches:

Someone who doesn’t have a profile picture and someone who avoids telling a little more about them is probably hiding something. Stay alert and only proceed further with them after they open up about them. Opening up should be mutual and not forced on anyone. Reciprocation mutually is important, so take your time and have a pleasant experience.