Beverley Knight reveals the “deep connection” she has with NHS as she releases new NHS Relief charity single

Beverley Knight has opened up about her connection with the NHS, which led her to feature on a new charity single, aiming to raise money for NHS charities.

Speaking on video series Up Close And Socially Distant, Beverley told host Kate Thornton that she had very close ties with our health service.

“My history with the NHS runs deep,” the chart topper said.

Beverley Knight is fronting a new charity single Lean On Me, which aims to raise money for NHS charities

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As well as her mother, a retired nurse who specialised in eyes and worked for the NHS for decades, Beverley has two aunts and two uncles, all working for the NHS.

“And then there’s my sister,” she told Kate, “who is right at the forefront of it all, on the NHS 111 so we have, as a family, a deep connection to the NHS.”

The single, a cover of Bill Withers’ ‘Lean On Me’ features over 100 artists including Joss Stone, Escala, Omar and Dr Ranj, is raising money for the NHS Relief campaign, which aims to boost the much needed morale of our NHS staff while raising money for NHS charities.


The video, which Beverley calls “really moving” features footage of the nation clapping for frontline workers, as well of COVID-19 survivors leaving hospital – the latter of which, Beverley identifies with a little too closely.

The West End star said they’ve had to rely on the NHS recently, after her mum and brother both came down with, what doctors suspect, was COVID-19.

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“They were both really very ill, particularly my mum,” she revealed. “It was scary, I don't mind telling you. You know, there were tears shed…

“They didn't have to actually get admitted to hospital, I'm thrilled to say, and they were able to go home and take their medication at home and recover from home, but it took a long time.”

As well as downloading the track, Beverley said that people at home can help by donating directly to NHS Relief, something she thinks is very important 

She told Kate: “I would never ask people to donate to something that I hadn’t first gone out and donated to, so I’ve done the donation bit already!”

You can donate to NHS Relief here.

Up Close And Socially Distant is hosted by Kate Thornton and features weekly video catch-ups with people who are all doing whatever they can, in whatever unique and special way they can, to help those around them get through lockdown.

This week Kate speaks to actress and singer, Beverley Knight, who features on the charity single ‘Lean On Me’, co-founder of the NHS Million campaign, Dr Katie Rogerson, and co-founder of the Bite Me Burgers food distribution initiative, Jo Hart.