What Is Beyoncé’s Mute Challenge? All About the Viral Renaissance World Tour Trend

The viral concert moment occurs during her song 'Energy' and has seen celebs such Zendaya, Tom Holland and Lupita Nyong'o get in on the trend

<p>Kevin Mazur/WireImage </p>

Kevin Mazur/WireImage

Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour is leaving concertgoers speechless.

The “Cuff It” singer’s tour, which kicked off in Europe on May 10, has been one of the biggest ticket items of the summer thanks to her extravagant performances.

From her outstanding tour wardrobe to her eye-catching visuals, celebrities and fans alike have been flocking to stadiums to see Queen Bey in action.

However, there is one moment from the tour that has really gone viral online. In what has since been dubbed the mute challenge, the trend sees fans around the stadium go completely silent during Beyoncé’s performance of “Energy.” Lately, even celebrities have gotten in on the trending moment, sharing their own videos on social media!

Here’s everything to know about the mute challenge.

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What is Beyoncé’s mute challenge?

<p>Kevin Mazur/WireImage</p>

Kevin Mazur/WireImage

The mute challenge occurs during Beyoncé’s performance of “Energy,” particularly when she utters the line, "Look around, everybody on mute.” Like a game of Simon Says, the entire crowd stops what they’re doing and goes silent, with some even "freeze framing" and being completely still.

How long does Beyoncé’s mute challenge last?

The moment of silence usually lasts about five seconds before the music revs up again and Beyoncé continues with the rest of the song. However, cities have gotten even more competitive as the tour has progressed, trying to stay as silent as long as they can.

When did Beyoncé’s mute challenge start?

Kevin Mazur/Getty
Kevin Mazur/Getty

Though the Renaissance World Tour kicked off in Sweden in May, the mute challenge has really gained attention during her U.S. leg of the tour. Following her star-studded Los Angeles concerts, even more people have gotten wind of the viral moment as celebrities share their own videos on social media.

What celebrities have participated in Beyoncé’s mute challenge?

Of course, celebrities have put their own spin on the mute challenge. In August, Adele practiced the challenge at her own Las Vegas concert to be sure she was ready for Beyoncé's September shows.

In September, actress Lupita Nyong'o hilariously documented her and her friends doing the mute challenge (above), including how they prepared ahead of time.

Meanwhile, Zendaya and Tom Holland were captured doing the mute challenge at the singer’s Los Angeles show as a concertgoer posted a TikTok with them featured in the background, and Nicole Richie caught herself on camera taking it very seriously.

Which city won Beyoncé’s mute challenge?

Fans have gotten more and more competitive as the tour continues. In August, Beyoncé declared that Washington, D.C. was the “eerbody on mute war winner.” However, by Aug. 11, she changed her tune, verbally declaring Atlanta the new winner, per fan videos.

The Renaissance World Tour wraps up in Kansas City in October, so we’ll know a clear winner then.

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