'Big Brother Canada Season 11': Renee Mior calls out Girly Pop Claudia for jumping ship

"Part of me really wished she fought more for me," the evicted Big Brother Canada houseguest said

Daniel Clarke and Renee Mior on Big Brother Canada Season 11 (Joanna Bell)
Daniel Clarke and Renee Mior on Big Brother Canada Season 11 (Joanna Bell)

The Girly Pops alliance in Big Brother Canada Season 11 has officially crumbled with Renee Mior from Vaughan, Ont., being the latest eviction from the house.

"Definitely devastated," Renee told Yahoo Canada. "I think I finally got to a point of the game where I really saw the end as being something tangible for me."

Saskatoon’s Anika Mysha won Head of Household (HoH) and had her eye on the Girly Pops' last remaining members, Renee and Prince Edward Island’s Claudia Campbell, for eviction.

Terrell “Ty” McDonald from Toronto won another Power of Veto (POV), his fifth in a row, and he chose to save his "showmance" partner Claudia, leaving Toronto’s Daniel Clarke as the only replacement nominee for eviction.

After a two-to-one final vote, Renee was evicted from the game, now heading to the jury house.

Big Brother Canada Season 11 (Joanna Bell)
Big Brother Canada Season 11 (Joanna Bell)

'I always felt like I was going to be Ty's second best'

By Renee's own admission, she's had a rocky relationship with "competition beast" Ty throughout the season.

"Ty and I had a very, very interesting relationship throughout the entire game," Renee said. "From day one he comes up to me and he's like, 'Let's work together. Give me your loyalty. Who do you want to target?' And I was like, you just walked in the door and I haven't even done a challenge yet."

"He was very, very aggressive in his gameplay. ... He claimed throughout the whole time he was really wanting to work with me and wanting to solidify something. But for me, I always felt like I was going to be Ty's second best, and I needed to be his first."

Even though Renee was all-in for the Girly Pops alliance, she does wish that she had more support from Claudia during the game.

"I definitely wish Claudia fought a bit harder for me,' Renee said. "I know that she targeted me at some point, or she at least thought to."

"Part of me really wished she fought more for me, but I don't think she has the sway and pull with Ty in their relationship to be able to actually pull something off like that. ... So mixed emotions, obviously a little hard that she didn't fight quicker, but it's been a pattern in her game. She calls it adapting, ... but to me it feels like she jumps ship when things kind of get tough."

When it comes to the Ty and Claudia showmance, Renee spilled that it was as exhausting for her as a houseguest as it was for the audience to follow where the pair stand. Renee called it "one of the rockiest things of the season," adding that she's not surprised they had issues being on the "same page" for gameplay.

"I was caught in the middle of a bunch of the fights," Renee said. "It was a very interesting dynamic for the three of us."

"Definitely an interesting showmance. I hope they get on the same page by the end of it, but they were on and off, hot and cold, up, down and sideways. One time I'm sitting in a room and we're all fighting, and then I look, I come into the pool room and they're hugging. I'm like, I don't know what I'm walking into. Very interesting. I'll leave it at that."

Renee Mior on Big Brother Canada Season 11 (Joanna Bell)
Renee Mior on Big Brother Canada Season 11 (Joanna Bell)

'Lying and manipulating' Anika

When it comes to the houseguests left in the game, Renee is very clear that there is one person who can't be trusted in the house.

"Anika. ... I've said it once I'll say it again," Renee said. "That girl's name has been in my mouth for so long."

"Lying and manipulating things, and I've called her out on it multiple times. We had a big showdown in the HoH room over it."

When asked to try to predict the winner, Renee seems to be on the same page as many of the evicted houseguests, who believe Ty is likely the one to beat.

"On paper, I know it's going to be Ty," Renee said. "I think the position that he's been in, truthfully, and what he's had to pull himself out of with those comps is super incredible."

"For me that type of gameplay and showing that resiliency, and that perseverance and to step out on those stages and perform, and actually do well and secure those wins for yourself ... first speaks volumes. However, I would love and I have no doubt in my mind that all the other players have things to [leverage] that would make them comparable to Ty. ... I never thought a competition beast was the be all and end all, especially coming from my game perspective."