Big Lebowski Spin-Off May Happen, Says John Turturro

Actor John Turturro is optimistic that we may yet see a sequel of sorts to ‘The Big Lebowski’ - centred on his memorable supporting character, Jesus.


The 1998 comedy from Joel and Ethan Coen starred Jeff Bridges and John Goodman as mismatched buddies The Dude and Walter, who inadvertently get caught up in a bizarre kidnapping case.

Though it was only a modest critical and commerical success on release, it quickly became a cult classic, and is arguably the best-loved film yet made by the writer-director siblings.

While the Coens have long since dismissed the possibility of a direct follow-up to 'The Big Lebowski’ (they’ve never made a sequel to any of their films), Turturro has for some time spoken of his hope to make a movie about Jesus, the eye-poppingly flamboyant bowler.

And now, The Hollywood Reporter tells us that Turturro still has high hopes on the matter.

The actor reportedly told journalists at a press junket, “That character was actually based on a play I had done many years before that, a Spanish play I did at the public theater.

"It’s a character I invented… If you ever tell anything to Joel or Ethan, they basically steal it from you!”

Turturro no doubt says this with love, as the Coens played a vital role in raising his profile in the film industry, thanks to his scene-stealing supporting turn in their 1990 movie 'Miller’s Crossing,’ followed by the title role in 1991’s 'Barton Fink.’

Since 'The Big Lebowski,’ Turturro has also starred in the Coens’ 2000 film 'O Brother, Where Art Thou?’

If a Jesus movie does happen, it would seem Turturro will be the main creative force behind it, though he stresses the film “would be something they [the Coens] would support with me."

However, the actor explains, "it’s a very complicated legal situation… Until things are all signed, you can’t really talk about it. But we’ll see.”

As THR point out, these complications may at least in part be due to the closure of production house Polygram, who produced 'The Big Lebowski.’

Still, to stress how serious he is about getting back to Jesus, Turturro states, “I can tell you I’ve been bowling… I’ve been bowling a lot, and I’m getting better!”

Picture Credit: Universal

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