Bill Maher again hints to Ronan Farrow that his dad might be Frank Sinatra in awkward interview

Ronan Farrow attends the 78th annual Peabody Awards at Cipriani Wall Street on Saturday, May 18, 2019, in New York. (Photo by Brad Barket/Invision/AP)
Ronan Farrow (Credit: Brad Barket/Invision/AP)

The rumour that Frank Sinatra could be Ronan Farrow's real father – and not Woody Allen – has been the talk of Hollywood for decades.

Even Mia Farrow, the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist's mother, hinted to Vanity Fair that Sinatra could 'possibly' be Ronan's father.

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The rumour rarely surfaces publicly to Farrow’s face, however. Unless you're controversial talk show host Bill Maher.

Farrow appeared on Real Time with Bill Maher on Friday night, and as Maher went there, it became an awkward exchange indeed.

Frank Sinatra And Mia Farrow. Credit: 356341_Globe Photos/MediaPunch /IPX
Frank Sinatra And Mia Farrow (Credit: Globe Photos/MediaPunch/IPX)

“Now, what do you think your father would think about what you’re doing now? If he were alive?” asked Maher, knowing full well that Woody Allen is still with us (via The Wrap).

“I knew I was walking into that so I asked,” Farrow laughed. “I didn’t want to give you the soundbite of ‘Which one?'”

Maher replied, referring to Sinatra's well documented history of womanising: “I feel like there’s no one more #MeToo-y than Frank Sinatra. You do own a mirror, don’t you?”

Farrow was on the show speaking about his latest book Catch and Kill, which explores the practice of media companies buying the rights to often scandalous stories, and then 'spiking' them, in order to protect those involved.

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“There’s a funny moment in the book when I was considering the story about this alleged Trump love child,” Farrow replies, in a roundabout way of addressing Maher’s question, if not answering it.

“I had to go to the family and out of respect and say… ‘I do want to get your comment in case there’s something you want to add to this.’

“I wind up talking to the man who raised this young woman who said it was not true, which is reflected in the reporting. I said, ‘I understand what it feels like to be besieged by the tabloids,’ and he’s like ‘Oh yeah, you’re a Farrow.’ He gives me this pitying look.”

As for the question about what 'his father' would have thought, he replied to Maher 'you can ask my mom'.

“We’re now three for three on times I’ve been on the show and you’ve mentioned it,” he added.