Bill Maher & Joe Rogan Spar Over Trump Vs. Biden

Bill Maher did not hold back about his thoughts on a Trump vs. Biden matchup for 2024 on Joe Rogan’s podcast The Joe Rogan Experience over the weekend.

Rogan told Maher Saturday that he believes Biden appears frail, that he’s “skeletal thin”, to which Maher essentially agreed that Trump looks “more hearty and robust. He’s a city roach. The worse things he eats the stronger he gets. You cannot kill him,” Maher said.

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“He’s also the only [president] who didn’t noticeably age,” Rogan interjected.

“No, we did,” Maher responded. “But he’s a criminal and he’s crazy and he’s stupid. And crazy and stupid are two different things … Stupid is ‘Frederick Douglass is alive’ or ‘the stealth bomber is literally invisible’ or “Nobody is health care is hard to solve. Crazy is ‘it’s important that the crowd at my inauguration was the biggest ever, and I’m going to make an issue of this for the first two weeks of my presidency despite photographic evidence of the contrary.’ Or ‘I’m going to steal these documents, and I’m going put them next to the toilet at Mar-A-Lago, and I’m going to fight you to take them back.’ Or not conceding the election. Those things are crazy or thinking I can charm Kim Jong-un in Korea, although that might be stupid, sometimes it crosses the line between both, but he’s both stupid and crazy and he’s also a criminal.”

Rogan then reeled off some of the charges Trump is facing in the Georgia Jan. 6 case. Maher noted Trump still has not conceded the election.

“He tried every possible way of stealing this election,” Maher continued. “He tried to do it through the courts. He tried to do it through the legislators. He tried to do it through intimidating Mike Pence. He tried to do it through the Justice Department. They talked about seizing voting machines! They talked about using the Army! You can’t really believe this guy is not worse than Joe Biden. I agree — Joe Biden is not a great president. And the Hunter Biden stuff is a stinky scandal that stinks to the high heaven. But if you think that it compares to what Trump tried to do, then you just cannot tell unlike things apart.”

Rogan asks Maher, “Do you think he really believes they stole the election?”, to which Maher replied:

“Who gives a fuck? It doesn’t matter … all the people around him told him he lost. And one of his quotes they have on record was, ‘I don’t want people to know I lost this election.’”

“That’s kinda crazy,” Rogan acknowledged.

“He’s a clinical case of malignant narcissism,” Maher added. “It’s not a quirk. It’s actually in the big book of crazy. It affects everything he thinks and does. It’s why [authoritarian leaders] were able to curry favor from him — they kiss his ass and got whatever they wanted. I think [Russian President Vladimir] Putin had him as soon as he said, ‘I think Trump is a brilliant man.’ [Trump’s] a dangerous guy. Again, Biden is not my first choice — not my hundredth choice — but the other guy is a crazy stupid criminal.”

You can watch a clip of some of the interview below.

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