Billie Eilish's Oscars Outfit Had a Pretty Serious Hidden Meaning

The 2024 Oscars took place in Los Angeles this weekend, resulting in a slew of celebrity interactions, important recognitions and red-carpet moments. Though the Oscars are one of the most important events in the fashion calendar, it's important we don't let such ceremonies detract from what's really important. This year, a few celebrities shared the same sentiment, showing their solidarity for those suffering in Gaza.

Ahead of the ceremony, almost 1,000 pro-Palestinian activists arrived to draw attention to the humanitarian crisis caused by the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas. Similarly, a number of red-carpet guests aimed to direct our attention to the same message, including Billie Eilish.

Alongside her chic Chanel look, the artist donned a small red pin in solidarity with victims, which depicts a black heart in the middle of a hand. Along with Eilish, actors like Ramy Youssef and Mark Ruffalo were seen wearing the pin, plus director Ava DuVernay.

Speaking about the situation in an interview, Youssef said, We’re all calling for an immediate and permanent ceasefire in Gaza. We’re calling for the safety of everyone involved. We really want lasting justice and peace for the Palestinian people. We really just want to say, 'Let's just stop killing children.' There's so much there to process and it feels like the easiest way to have the conversations that people want to have is when there isn't an active bombing campaign happening."

The Red Pin initiative was started by Artists4Ceasefire, a non-profit organization supported by several entertainment industry professionals including Dua Lipa, Drake and more.