Binky Felstead's first months with puppy were 'challenging'

Binky Felstead was overwhelmed when she first got her puppy credit:Bang Showbiz
Binky Felstead was overwhelmed when she first got her puppy credit:Bang Showbiz

Binky Felstead wasn't prepared for how "challenging" life could be as a new dog owner.

The 33-year-old reality star - who has India, five, with ex-boyfriend Josh Patterson, as well as two-year-old Wolfie and seven-month-old Wilder with husband Max Darnton - welcomed her pooch Pedro into her home three years ago and although she was instantly smitten with her furry friend, things weren't always plain sailing.

She said: “I could never have imagined how instantly and deeply I would fall in love with our dog Pedro. But I could also never have anticipated how challenging I would find some of the moments during his first few months with us."

And the former 'Made In Chelsea' star admitted she only grew more overwhelmed after she was "overloaded" with advice on caring for her canine companion, so she has welcomed pet food brand Royal Canin's One in a Billion Campaign, which aims to help cut through the mountains of available information with a ‘one stop shop’ of puppy tips and information.

She added: "As a new puppy owner, you’re overloaded with advice - from social media, magazines, other dog owners and friends.

"Finding a source of information, you trust is so important and can be a real turning point. I would have really welcomed Royal Canin’s One in a Billion campaign as a new puppy owner.”

Royal Canin launched their initiative after research found more than half of new puppy owners turn to social media for advice when they first get their dogs, but over 28% of puppy advice content on TikTok shows potentially damaging practices and a fifth of owners find the sheer volume of accounts overwhelming.

For clear, simple, expert advice on raising your puppy, visit the One in a Billion hub at