Black Mirror issues warning to Pizza Hut over planned driverless delivery service

Black Mirror warns Pizza Hut over delivery vans
Black Mirror warns Pizza Hut over delivery vans

Black Mirror is known for coming up with bleak ideas about our future and now one of them is actually happening right now.

In the season four episode “Crocodile” the concept of driverless pizza delivery services was introduced and now Pizza Hut are actually doing it for real.

The restaurant chain has partnered with Toyota to create a fully autonomous pizza delivery vehicle that would allow customers to pick up their food without human contact.

Black Mirror responded to Pizza Hut’s tweet by saying “we know how this goes” and anyone who has watched the new season of the Netflix series knows too.

One of the main plot points of the episode is a man being knocked down by one of these delivery vehicles which sets a deadly chain of events into effect.

Of course, those darker elements of the narrative will *hopefully* not come to fruition when Pizza Hut starts rolling these vans out in two years time, though there’s no guarantee the road accidents won’t occur.

Fingers crossed that’s the last of the Black Mirror-related technology coming to life for a while.

The new season has been praised across the board by viewers and critics alike after it went live on Netflix in December.

All four seasons are available now on Netflix

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