Black Sea: First Trailer For Jude Law Submarine Thriller (Exclusive)

Black Sea: First Trailer For Jude Law Submarine Thriller (Exclusive)

Fans of the submarine genre are in for a real treat with this world exclusive first trailer for Kevin MacDonald’s ‘Black Sea’ - watch it in full above.

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Jude Law plays a veteran submariner who assembles a misfit crew to pull off an audacious salvage operation in depths of the Black Sea, after being laid off.

“One of Hitler’s U-Boats is just sitting on the sea bed,” Law’s rogue captain explains with a gruff Scotch brogue, “Full of gold.”

And lots of it by the looks of the first clip.

His team, which features some of the finest character actors currently working today, including Ben Mendelsohn (‘Starred Up’), Scoot McNairy (‘Frank’), David Threlfall (‘Shameless’), and Michael Smiley (‘Kill List’), ships out in search of loot with the promise of an equal share in $182m of Nazi-hoarded gold, lying on the bottom of the sea.

Simple maths will tell you that $182m goes a lot further when there are less people to share it amongst and the trailer shows that the crew have also figured that out.

Tensions inevitably rise on the claustrophobic setting that has inspired many a classic thriller such as ‘Das Boot’ and ‘Hunt For The Red October’, and the first trailer promises a heist thriller set 20,000 leagues (or thereabouts) below the sea.

If ‘Black Sea’ wasn’t on your radar – or should we say sonar – before, it should be now.

‘Black Sea’ is coming to cinemas on 5 December, 2014.