'Blade Runner 2049' short film proves Dave Bautista is the future's biggest ass kicker

Denis Villeneuve has decided to celebrate the upcoming release of “Blade Runner 2049” by commissioning three short films that bridge the gap between the original Blade Runner and his highly anticipated sequel. The first centered around Jared Leto’s villain, the Replicant manufacturer named Niander Wallace, and now the second short film has arrived and puts David Bautista’s Sapper Morton front and center.

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Bautista already has one blockbuster under his belt this year thanks to Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, where he reprised his role as Drax the Destroyer, and Blade Runner 2049 should easily be his second. We’ll have to wait until the full feature to learn everything there is to know about Sapper, but the prequel short does prove one thing we all know: Bautista is the future’s biggest ass kicker.

The short film is directed by Luke Scott, son of Ridley Scott. You can watch in its entirety below.


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