Blind Syrian man teaches others essential skills

STORY: These visually impaired Syrian children

are learning how to read and write using braille

They're being taught by Wasseem Kanakreah,

an English teacher who lost his sight at 12 years old

Locator: Damascus, Syria

(Wasseem Kanakreah, Head, 'I read with my eyes')

“When I lost my sight, it was very hard. I was no longer a kid with all the means of entertainment I was used to. Children who have vision can enjoy anything, such as video games or playdates with their friends in the neighborhood. So, I was introduced to another life, as the means were extremely modest for visually impaired people and my life became closed off."

Kanakreah leads a team that specializes

in teaching braille at the 'School of Hope'

He said he wants to bring to other

children what he missed out on

“We deliver all these entertainment services for free because they are not available, and if they were, they would be very expensive. This was my dream and I accomplished a part of it and I am still working on it.”