Blizzard-like conditions cause 200 vehicle pile-up in Canada

By Associated Press Reporter

A pile-up involving around 200 vehicles in Canada is being blamed on sudden blizzard-like conditions.

Firefighters said two people were still trapped after the mass crash on Wednesday in La Prairie, Quebec.

Police added about a dozen people were taken to hospital with injuries after the incident on Highway 15, with the crashed vehicles stretching for a kilometre.

Emergency personnel stand next to demolished cars (Paul Chiasson/The Canadian Press/AP)

Transport Minister Francois Bonnardel told reporters in Quebec City the pile-up took place in an area where heavy winds come off the St Lawrence river, creating sudden blizzard-like conditions.

Mr Bonnardel said: “People were driving, there were strong winds… and, suddenly, you couldn’t see anything.

“And then, well, the pile-up started.”

Police spokesman Sgt Stephane Tremblay said about 50 vehicles were able to drive away from the collision, but 75 others would need to be towed away.