Outrageous Hollywood actor demands

Most Hollywood stars are waited on 24/7 by a team of assistants paid to respond to their every whim. With this in mind it's not a surprise some celebrities can get a little… demanding, as nine times out of ten they get what they want.

Here's some of the more legendary on-set requests that, quite frankly, are absolutely outrageous.

Angelina Jolie
Possibly the most ridiculous request comes courtesy of that angelic humanitarian, Angelina Jolie. She once asked a movie studio to pay for Brad Pitt to have flying lessons before she agreed to do a film with them. Not exactly helping out the third world with this environmentally-unsound demand, now are you Ange? 

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George Clooney
While filming 'Gravity' earlier this month, Gorgeous George reportedly insisted that a hot tub and  custom-made beach hut was installed next to his trailer in a private landscaped garden and decking area.  That wasn't enough for the Cloon, though. He also demanded a basketball court so he could exercise.

Paris Hilton
Even though the hotel heiress has only appeared in rubbish like 'House of Wax' and 'The Hottie and The Nottie', Paris Hilton still felt obliged to ask for a ridiculous rider. She was rumored to have asked for a tank of live lobsters to be on standby for whenever she got hungry during her one day on the set of 'The Other Guys'. I wonder if she requested the bibs to go with it?

Sharon Stone
Having shot to fame as the leg-crossing vixen in 'Basic Instinct', Sharon Stone went on to become one of Hollywood's sexiest stars. Even so, demanding a house, plus funds to pay the wages of maids and nannies, as part of all her film contracts seems a little over the top to us.

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Will Smith
Normally painted as the nice guy of Hollywood, Will Smith angered local residents while filming 'Men In Black III'. He requested a double-decker mobile home fit for a Fresh Prince while on location in New York, but it was so massive it blocked out the sun. Not only that, his £15,000 a month apartment was less than a mile away. Wow.

Johnny Depp
It's the dream of many a lady to join Johnny Depp in his dressing room. Any that did would be in for a double-treat, as Johnny likes his dressing room decorated with Moroccan drapes and filled with candles and water pipes. Sadly no-one but the man himself will see the plush decor, as he's happily shacked up with his long term partner Vanessa Paradis.

Jim Carrey
Movie bosses must have thought the funnyman was kidding when he demanded that his private Gulfstream jet must appear in any of his films that requires footage of planes. Maybe he gets 12% (the going rate for a Hollywood agent) of all the aircraft's earnings.

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Russell Crowe
Hard man Russell Crowe must have something to hide. When filming 'Cinderella Man' Crowe insisted on black curtains in his dressing room; so he wouldn't have to see anyone and so no one could see him. Plus, at his PR's request, all telephones in his dressing room must be made out of polystyrene.

Barbra Streisand
During a recent visit to London, Barbra Streisand made similar requests at two different hotels. These included rose petals in the toilet, peach coloured toilet tissue to match her complexion, and 120 designer bath towels, also in peach.

Justin Timberlake
Justin Timberlake requires an entire hotel floor, private fitness studio, an extra-large stereo, along with a Nintendo and a PlayStation. The floor's air conditioning filters must be changed on his arrival and door handles must be disinfected every few hours.

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