Star Wars lights up London

Last night saw the iconic BT Tower turned into a giant lightsaber to help plug the new ‘Star Wars’ Blu-ray boxset.

C-3P0 actor Anthony Daniels (pictured below, left) took a well-earned break from signing autographs to head down to central London and switch on the biggest lightsaber the universe has ever seen. Actor Warwick Davis (pictured below, right) also came along to try his hand with the Jedi weapon.

Other famous faces in attendance were the fearsome Darth Vader, a hoard of Stormtroopers, sinister bounty hunter Boba Fett and tinpot droid R2-D2.

The ‘Star Wars’ spectacle was created using state of the art lighting that projected a shaft of light 200m into the air from the 189m high tower. More than sixty 4,500W lights, standing at 1.3m high and weighing 124kg combined to produce a staggering parallel blue ray of light (see what they did there?) that could be seen across the capital.

Let’s hope this stunt goes some way to ease the fan backlash against yet more changes to the much-loved films in the new box-set.

Take a look at our exclusive Boba Fett footage from the new DVD box-set:


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