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  • Though he's handed back the keys to the Batmobile, Christian Bale is still being a force for good, it seems.

    The actor recently called a young Batman fan in Seattle who is fighting leukaemia in hospital.

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    Eight-year-old Zach Guillot spoke to the Brit actor for nearly 10 minutes, talking about being Batman and how Seattle is a bit like the UK, thanks to its rainy climate.

    Thanking Zach for being a fan of the films, Bale told him that he is what the message of Batman is all about.

    “The whole point of the movie is anybody can be Batman. Anybody can be as strong as that and help people and put good out into the world,” he said.

    He also added that he'd be in touch with both Catwoman and Bane to tell them about their conversation.

    “Even though he was not a good guy in the film, the man who played him is a very good guy. I’ll tell him… and the director as well,” he said. “He loves to Read More »from Christian Bale calls young Batman fan with leukaemia in hospital
  • Judge Dredd reboot 'Dredd' is hauling itself back from a bloody nose at the box office, thanks to its impressive DVD sales figures.

    The film, though well reviewed and praised for its special effects, has struggled to make back its production costs, making a US gross of just $13 million (£8.1 million).

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    Dredd... clawing back box office disaster on DVD (Copyright: Lionsgate)

    Though the adaptation of the 2000 AD comic strip went on to make $36.4 million (£23 million) worldwide, it's still woefully short of its $45 million (£28.3 million) budget, resulting in it being branded a commercial flop.

    But so far in the US alone, it has sold 650,000 units on DVD – nearly half of that figure coming from the more expensive Blu-ray format, making it the best-selling new release title of the year.

    It's thought that with robust sales in the home entertainment sector, and on download, which has also seen solid traffic, it may still make its money back.

    The thriller, which also limited its audience with an adult rating, starred Karl Urban as

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  • The first picture of 'Sherlock' star Benedict Cumberbatch playing Wikileaks found Julian Assange has been released online.

    He appears alongside 'Inglorious Basterds' star Daniel Bruhl, who is playing Daniel Domscheit-Berg, Assange's spokesman and a 'technology activist'.

    Cumberbatch... bleach blond as Assange (Copyright: Dreamworks)

    The film, which is now due out on November 15 in the US, has been titled 'The Fifth Estate'.

    Starring alongside the pair will be Laura Linney, Anthony Mackie, David Thewlis, Peter Capaldi, Dan Stevens, Alicia Vikander and Carice van Houten.

    The drama will begin with the early days of the whistle-blowing website, culminating with the controversy over its leaking of government and military information.

    'West Wing' scribe Josh Singer has penned the screenplay, using source material from Domscheit-Berg's book 'Inside Wikileaks: My Time with Julian Assange at the World's Most Dangerous Website'.

    Assange... pictured in 2010 (Copyright: Rex)

    It's being directed by Bill Condon, who helmed 'Kinsey' and 'Dreamgirls'.

    “It may be decades before we understand the full

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  • You’d think comparing Russell Crowe to a girl would earn a torrent of abuse and a phone-shaped dent in the face from the notoriously ‘handy’ star.

    Well, the angry Aussie has proved he DOES has a sense of humour by retweeting a fan’s amusing comparison of him… and singer Britney Spears.

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    (Uncanny. Russell retweeted his Britney comparison (Credit: Twitter)
    Twitter user @borisprso spotted that a blue outfit worn by Crowe’s ruthless ‘Les Miserables’ policeman Javert, was disturbingly similar to Spears’ racy air hostess get-up in the camp music video for her 2004 hit ‘Toxic’.

    Boris then tweeted a side-by-side picture of the two stars, with the message: “hey@britneyspears did you see @russellcrowe in #lesMis maybe he is a fan of you ;-)))”.

    Crowe, whose hot-head reputation has even been parodied in a ‘South Park’ episode, surprisingly saw the funny side, retweeting the picture to his 738,000 followers.

    ‘Les Miserable’, is currently no. 1 at the UK box

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  • It’s been billed as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s big comeback: an epic return for the king of action films after a decade governating.

    But his new blood-splattered flick ‘The Last Stand’ proved a damp squib, in the US at least.

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    Despite a huge promotional effort from the Austrian Oak, the film limped in at number ten in the US charts (over four days), making just £4.6 million.

    To put that into context, that’s less than half the £8.2 million made by his 2000 effort ‘The 6th Day’ – another big flop.

    Last action hero... The Last Stand flopped (Credit: Lionsgate)

    Thrashing ‘The Last Stand’ in the US charts was not only surprise horror hit ‘Mama’, but also awards contenders ‘Silver Linings Playbook’, ‘Django Unchained’ and ‘Les Miserables’ (all have been out for at least two weeks). Even flop ‘Gangster Squad’ and Mark Wahlberg bomb ‘Broken City’ made more cash.

    Perhaps ‘The Last Stand’ will pull in more punters overseas – it’s released in the UK this

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