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  • After absolutely killing it with their flawless tag-team opening last year, what could Golden Globes hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler possibly do for an encore? Why, lob more zingers at the Hollywood elite, of course!

    Shrugging off the pressure to do a lavish, Oscars-style number, Tina and Amy came out firing with a fresh set of one-liners. (Of course, it helps that they're two of the funniest joke-writers in the biz.)

    [Emma Watson's confusing red carpet look]

    Here are the 16 jokes that further cemented Tina and Amy as the best award-shows hosts anywhere on the globe.

    Partners in crime... Tina Fey, Amy Poehler on Globes red carpet (Credit: Kikapress)

    1. Tina: "Welcome to the 71st Annual Tina Fey and Amy Poehler's Lee Daniels' The Butler Golden Globe Awards."

    2. Amy: "A very good evening to all the women and gay men watching at home."

    3. Tina, on the pair returning as hosts: "This is Hollywood, where if something works, they'll just keep doing it till everyone hates it!"

    4. Tina: "Meryl Streep was so brilliant in 'August: Osage County,' proving that there are still great parts

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  • Ashley Benson shares bikini photo from ‘Spring Breakers’ audition

    Actress stripped down to bare essentials for director.

    Benson... reveals her Spring Breakers audition snap (Copyright: Annapurna Pictures)

    It's the ultimate Hollywood cliché: Midway through an audition, an aspiring young actress is directed to do it again, but this time with her clothes off.

    But stripping down to win a dream role certainly didn't seem to bother Ashley Benson. What's more — her bold move paid off.

    [Shia LaBeouf had to send pictures of his penis for film role].

    The 24-year-old posted a never-before-seen snapshot from her audition for last year's twisted, beachy crime tale, 'Spring Breakers', which she starred in alongside bikini-clad Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez, and a grillz-sporting James Franco.

    In the shot, Benson rocks nothing more than a black bikini top and a smattering of dainty bracelets as she mimes pointing a gun toward the camera.

    "Found this..... From my spring breakers audition," she captioned the pic.

    If her mischievous smile is any indication, the starlet is perfectly comfortable in the moment — which is good, considering she spent most of the actual movie clad in a similar state of undress

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  • The team behind the phenomenally successful ‘Paranormal Activity’ will give you nightmares once again when new instalment ‘Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones’ is released on New Years Day.

    Like 'Friday 13th' or 'Nightmare on Elm Street', it’s a horror franchise that’s scared its way into pop culture, but when it comes to Tinseltown terrors, truth is sometimes stranger - and scarier - than fiction.

    [Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones living poster revealed]
    [The curse of Poltergeist]

    Hollywood productions have been plagued by real life Paranormal Activity down the years. Here aresome creepy tales from the vaults…

    Introducing Dorothy Dandridge

    Sinister... Even this promo shot of Halle Berry looks weird (Copyright: REX)

    During the filming of a Dorothy Dandridge biopic (the first African-American to be nominated for an Oscar), Halle Berry admitted she was stalked by a prying poltergeist. Bizarre happenings on-set followed her home after she borrowed a gown belonging to Dandridge. Berry told Ebony Magazine she heard "the sound of water boiling" before seeing a baby

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  • Calling all Harry Potter fans! Grab your broomsticks and take a look at this awesome video of the newly snow-covered Hogwarts at the Warner Bros. Studio tour in London.

    From Friday 15th November 2013, visitors will get the chance to see the castle as it has never been seen before, with its iconic festive look recreated for the first time.

    Strangely enough, the artificial snow used on the Hogwarts castle model throughout the Harry Potter film series was actually dendritic salt. It was chosen because it clumps like snow and even squeaks when walked on. During filming, a member of the crew would have climbed aboard a cherry picker and put salt on the model by hand with a sieve – like dusting sugar onto a cake. The same process has been used at the Studio Tour this November and samples of the different types of salt used will also be on display.

    Model Effects Supervisor, Jose Granell commented: “It’s great to be back at the Studio Tour and to be snowing the Hogwarts

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  • Yahoo! Movies UK in association with Studio Canal competition Terms and Conditions

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