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  • Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie first trailer (exclusive)

    First footage from sitcom spin-off.

    The epic first trailer for ‘Mrs. Brown’s Boys D’Movie’ has landed, exclusively on Yahoo Movies UK.

    Watch it above (warning: includes mild course language).

    It’s the film debut for Brendan O’Carroll’s hugely popular BAFTA-winning sitcom and it looks as though the transfer to the big-screen hasn’t dampened the comedy’s singular charms.

    [First details of Mrs Brown's Boys movie revealed]

    Boasting the trademark coarse humour, wordplay, and slapstick that made the Irish comedy one of the most popular shows on British and Irish television, the first trailer gives us a good taste of what to expect from ‘D’Movie’.

    We’ve also got the first poster and an official still for the film below.

    (Credit: Universal)

    (Credit: Universal)

    Last year O'Carroll told Yahoo Movies that the film would stay true to the spirit of the TV series.

    He said: "I didn't want to go down the line of ‘Mrs Brown goes to Marbella’ or ‘Mrs Brown goes to Cannes’. The usual idea behind a movie of a TV series is to take them out of the context.

    "I want to take on the challenge

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  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie First Trailer

    Megan Fox stars in first footage from the live-action reboot.

    The first trailer for the live-action ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ movie has finally arrived.

    Watch it above.

    The heroes in a half-shell have been updated for the 21st century by producer Michael Bay (‘Transformers’) and director Jason Liebesman.

    [Watch: Full Transformers 4 trailer]

    This brand new version of the classic comic strip/cartoon series stars Megan Fox as yellow-suited reporter April O’Neill, and William Fichtner as masked baddie Shredder.

    (Credit: Paramount)

    The official plot synopsis synopsis is below, though it’s not clear if walking brain Krang is involved.

    “The city needs heroes. Darkness has settled over New York City as Shredder and his evil Foot Clan have an iron grip on everything from the police to the politicians. The future is grim until four unlikely outcast brothers rise from the sewers and discover their destiny as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The Turtles must work with fearless reporter April and her wise-cracking cameraman Vern Fenwick to save the city and unravel Shredder’s

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  • Kate Winslet: Kids keep me grounded

    Labor Day star admits acting is 'weird'.

    Kate Winslet has been at the top of her game since she made her big screen debut in Peter Jackson’s Heavenly Creatures  aged just 18. Now starring in Jason Reitman’s ‘Labor Day’, the Oscar-winner tells Yahoo that her longevity is down to hard work, a healthy balance, and acknowledging that the film business is just “weird”.
    “I had to stay in London the night of the premiere,” she remembers. “So as we were driving the children to school I said, ‘Mummy’s staying in London tonight and then tomorrow morning your friends might see something in the newspaper.’ My daughter turned around and went: ‘That is really weird. Isn’t it random?’ It is! I do feel that, rather more than staying on top, I’ve been able to stay balanced.”
    But Winslet admitted it isn’t easy for everyone to acknowledge the crazy. “Look at this whole Miley Cyrus… whatever it is that she’s up to,” she says. “You just think, ‘Who’s helping these people?’ So I’ve been really blessed, because I’ve been dealt equal measures of

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  • Josh Brolin hints at why he turned down Batman

    Star and Zack Snyder ‘disagreed’ about Batman vs. Superman role.

    Josh Brolin has hinted that disagreements over the character was the reason he turned down the Batman role in Zack Snyder’s ‘Batman vs. Superman’ project
    “Me and Zack had a conversation about it,” he told Yahoo while promoting ‘Labor Day’. “And there were several reasons why we said it wasn’t the best idea on both sides. I had mine and Zack had his.”
    But he’s felt surprisingly protective of Ben Affleck’s casting, going as far as to say he was angry with fans’ negative reaction to the news. “People were so disrespectful,” he said. “How can you blame an actor for acting? I understand you’re a fan, but people forget that actors are human. When you’re sitting in front of a computer it’s easy to go, ‘Well, I wish he would die. Send.’ But somebody’s going to read that. Their kids are going to read it and the wife is going to read it. We’re so computer-oriented that we forget.”
    [26 actors who nearly played James Bond]

    Brolin says that when he watched the trailer for ‘Runner Runner’ he was

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  • Josh Brolin: Why acting is humiliating

    Labor Day star is never comfortable on a film set.

    Josh Brolin says his job is akin to being “embarrassed for a living”, describing acting as a “profession of humiliation.” The No Country for Old Men star, who met with Zack Snyder about playing Batman, a role later offered to Ben Affleck, tells Yahoo that he is always uncomfortable as an actor, and has finally figured out that that’s OK.
    “I’m comfortable with being uncomfortable,” he laughs. “But everything about acting is humiliating.”

    [Josh Brolin reveals drugs past]

    Brolin next stars in Jason Reitman’s ‘Labor Day', in which he plays an escaped convict who hides out in the house of an agoraphobic woman (Kate Winslet) and her young son (Gattlin Griffith). Over the course of the film he falls for Winslet’s Adele. He says kissing her on screen was fine, because the pair got on and he was attracted to her, but admits this isn’t always the case. “I’ve been in situations where the person doesn’t really like you and then you’re kissing them and being romantic. The crew knows you guys don’t

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  • Hercules movie first trailer: Dwayne Johnson stars

    The Rock clashes with titans and wears a lion in teaser footage.

    The first trailer for Dwayne Johnson’s ‘Hercules’ movie has bench pressed its way onto the internet. Check it out above.
    The Rock plays not only the titular demigod in Brett Ratner’s lavish recreation of mythical ancient Greece, but Zeus and Achilles as well (apparently for the spin-off opportunities).
    Ian McShane, John Hurt and Peter Mullan co-star.

    [The Rock hints he'll play Green Lantern]

    Talking at a CinemaCon panel, Johnson said he trained harder for ‘Hercules’ than for other roles, adding that his new beard took 3 hours to apply and was made of yak hair.

    Somewhat disturbingly, the actor dubbed himself as “franchise viagra” in an interview with Yahoo last year, based on his track record for reviving the likes of ‘Fast and Furious’ and ‘G.I. Joe’.
    We’ll find out if the Rock’s own franchise is as successful when it’s released in the UK on 8 August. 

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  • Cheeky fan gives Kate Winslet nude Titanic drawing at Divergent premiere

    He drew her like one of his French girls.

    Kate Winslet was presented with a worryingly impressive replica of the nude drawing of her character in ‘Titanic’ by a cheeky fan at the ‘Divergent’ premiere.

    [Watch: Kate Winslet's first 'Titanic' screen test]

    Winslet, who famously played Rose in James Cameron’s record-breaking epic, was signing autographs for fans at the Los Angeles event when she was handed the unusual gift.
    From what we can see from the photo, it looks like a replica of the saucy drawing of her character by Leonardo DiCaprio’s Jack Dawson in the movie.

    Indecent proposal... fan hands Winslet naughty drawing (Credit: Photo by Matt Baron/BEI/REX)
    Iconic moment... Rose poses for Leo (Credit: Photo by c.20thC.Fox/Everett/REX)
    She asked him to “draw me like one of your French girls”, and left the nude picture in a safe to be found by her estranged fiancé Billy Zane.

    We wonder what Winslet did with the replica, handed to her by what appears to be a male fan… and if the man in question is now allowed within twenty miles of the Oscar-winning actress.

    Co-stars... Winslet with Divergent co-star Shailene Woodley (Credit: Photo by Stewart Cook/REX)

    Winslet plays a key supporting role in dystopian sci-fi ‘Divergent’, based on the young adult book by Veronica Roth and starring Shailene Woodley

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  • The Amazing Spider-Man 2 final trailer shows Green Goblin (Exclusive)

    Brand new glimpse at webslinger, and his growing list of enemies.

    The epic final trailer for ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ has been revealed to Yahoo – check it out above.

    The trailer focuses on Dane DeHaan’s Harry Osborn – who at some point will transform into the villainous Green Goblin.

    (Credit: Sony)

    Fans of the comics will know that Harry’s father is Norman Osborn (Chris Cooper in the new film) the affluent President of Oscorp, an ambitious technology firm in New York City.

    [Garfield: I'd love Spider-Man to join Avengers (exclusive)]

    The footage also backs up what the cast and crew told us earlier this year, that Oscorp looks set to play a big part in the sequel… and future instalments of the franchise as Osborn junior takes charge.

    “It becomes very obvious that all of these villains are originating from Oscorp,” said DeHaan.

    (Credit: Sony)

    Starring Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man, Jamie Foxx as Electro and Emma Stone as Gwen Stacey, ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ will be released in UK cinemas on 18 April.

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  • Mike Bassett England: Manager sequel out this year

    Ricky Tomlinson returns for Mike Bassett: Interim Manager.

    Ricky Tomlinson is back as bumbling football manager Mike Basset in a sequel to the 2001 comedy, called ‘Mike Basset: Interim Manager’.

    The project will shoot this year – coincidently the same year as the 2014 World Cup in Brazil – though we don’t know the release date yet.

    [Inbetweeners 2 Summer Release Date Revealed]

    The plot this time is described in the press release thus: “This time Bassett is brought in to the England camp as number two to the tactically brilliant German coach Jorgen Mannstein who has the England team playing like a dream. Not for long!”

    Director/Producer Steve Barron will return for the £3.5 million sequel, with Rob Sprackling and John R Smith, who penned the first film, on writing duties.

    Buffoon... Bassett handles a press conference (Credit: Rex Features)

    The plot of the first movie, ‘Mike Baseset: England Manager’, saw Bassett improbably take England through to the World Cup semi finals.

    We fondly remember a gag in the original movie that saw Bassett accidentally select two players with the surnames Benson and Hedges, after

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  • Tom Cruise plays a ‘total coward’ in Edge of Tomorrow

    We'll see a new side to Cruise in high concept sci-fi, according to director Doug Liman.

    Director Doug Liman promised a totally different kind of performance from Tom Cruise in upcoming sci-fi ‘The Edge of Tomorrow’.

    Speaking at a footage presentation for the film, he said that Cruise’s character would be funny and cowardly.
    “This is a Tom Cruise you haven’t seen before,” he said.  “He’s a coward throughout the movie – he does this amazing squeal. I didn’t know Tom would be this funny.”

    [Tom Cruise shuts down Trafalgar Square]

    Cruise plays Lt. Col. William "Bill" Cage, a marketing manager forced to fight a hostile alien race known as mimics.
    When we first see him he has no combat experience and is killed within minutes. He then wakes up at the start of the day, realising he is caught in a time loop and forced to fight the same battle again and again. He’s helped by Emily Blunt’s veteran soldier Rita Vrataski, who has also experienced the time loop.

    “If you hate Tom Cruise go and see this,” joked Liman, “because he dies 250 times during the movie”.

    From the 15 minutes of footage

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