American Pie: Reunion trailer – UK exclusive

Cheryl Cole’s blink-and-you-miss-her movie cameo

Yahoo! Movies has scooped the UK EXCLUSIVE new trailer for 'American Pie: Reunion' (called simply 'American Reunion' in the US).

It's been 13 years since the first 'American Pie' hit cinema screens to an almighty cheer from teenage boys. Two successful sequels followed before the franchise entered straight-to-DVD hell courtesy of spin-offs set in 'Band Camp' and college. Thankfully the original cast are finally re-united for more pastry-based shenanigans and late-90s nostalgia.

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Jim (Jason Biggs — remember him?) and the gang return to East Great Falls for one last adventure at their high school reunion. Oz, Finch, Kevin and Stifler make a come-back while Pie girls Michelle, Heather, Vicky and Nadia return, as does Eugene Levy as Jim's dad.

Stifler's mum also makes an appearance, much to Finch's delight.

The full movie arrives in the UK on 2 May.

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