Brad Pitt reveals favourite football team

Yahoo! Movies sat down with some guy called Brad Pitt about his new film 'Moneyball', which is out this week... and he ended up revealing his favourite football team.

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Based on the book by Michael Lewis, the A-list star plays a maverick baseball coach who uses radical methods like statistical analysis — rather than the gut instincts of his scouts — to create a competitive baseball on a tiny budget.

As we found out in our chat, Pitt is a sports nut in real life too, but surprisingly not a fan of baseball. "I've never been a big baseball follower, for me it was the story that I got my teeth jammed into."

Brad Pitt reveals favourite football team
Brad Pitt reveals favourite football team

However he does have a soft spot for 'football football' as he calls it, and one Mersey-side based team in particular.

He said: "I have some friends who are very close to Liverpool, so if I went another way I might be disowned."

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Pitt admitted he'd never seen them live but does sometimes watch them on TV. Perhaps not coincidently, his daughter with Angelina Jolie, Sholih, was papped with a Liverpool FC bag in July.

Don't expect the star to get a season ticket anytime soon though. He said: "[In America] it's not like European football, where if you're born in an area you have to follow it for the rest of your life, that's a funny concept."

Many Manchester United fans will agree with him…

'Moneyball' is out Friday 25 November.