Calling all Hobbits: Bizarre casting call for new movie

The casting call for extras on the new 'Hobbit' movie has been advertised online in New Zealand... and it's good news for short men with large biceps.

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The odd posting on job website seeks men and women with very specific requirements to come audition this weekend.

As well as looking for men under 5'4" and women under 5', the ad requires fellas of any height with large biceps.

The casting call also requests "big men" and "women with long hair" with "character faces". Is this a very polite way of saying "ugly"?

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Finally, good news for anyone who thinks they look like an elf; they're looking for men and women to play the creatures. However, if you aren't "slim, athletic, 5'5" — 6'4" or just as wooden as Orlando Bloom, then you need not apply.

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Do the bizarre demands show producers on 'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey' are cutting back on the make-up budget and looking for ready-made monsters from the get-go?

Keeping with the tradition of previous Tolkien films, the posts are only open to NZ residents who are over 16. So any short men with biceps in the UK are bang out of luck… in more ways than one.

The 'Hobbit' movie which has been filming since February 2011 has just started shooting again after Christmas break. The famous tale is set to be released in two theatrical parts, the first of which is out in the UK on 14th December 2012.

Check out the 'Hobbit' trailer below.