“Ken Russell was fearless” says Scorsese

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Ken Russell, who has died aged 84, was a "fearless" film maker according to Martin Scorsese.

Speaking exclusively to Yahoo Movies UK just hours after the news was announced, the legendary director - currently promoting new film 'Hugo' - said Russell's films "had a frankness and a power... the crazed wildness of his cinemas was extremely unsettling."

"His films were revelations. They opened a new way of telling stories," he said.

Martin Scorsese paid tribute to Ken Russell

Scorsese, who begun making films in the late 1960s - Russell's heyday - said he particularly liked the director's documentaries for the BBC, including those on Rossetti and the history of British folk music.

But it was Russell's risk-taking on films such as 'Women in Love', 'Tommy' and 'The Devils' that make him such an important figure, according to the New York-born helmer.

"[Russell] tried everything. He didn't care. He was fearless."

Russell died peacefully in his sleep on Sunday 27 November.