Robert Pattinson avoiding typecasting

Robert Pattinson avoiding typecasting

Robert Pattinson has built his career from the 'Twilight' movies and is clearly fearful of being typecast.

Speaking with Yahoo! Movies, Robert Pattinson discusses how his new role in edgy flick 'Bel Ami' is a huge change of direction in a clear attempt to shed his 'Twilight' character.

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R-Pattz, who plays glittering vampire in the popular 'Twilight' series seemed eager to step away from the franchise. When asked why he chose to take the role of Georges in 'Bel Ami' he said, "It was something completely different to anything I'd done before" and it "didn't follow the traditional movie storyline".

Pattinson clearly relished the chance to play the bad guy giggling as he describes the character as "a bad guy that does bad things to get what he wants".

'Bel Ami' is due to be released nationwide on the 9 March and follows Georges (Pattinson), a young man working his way up the social ladder by seducing the wives of important businessmen.

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