Avengers: What are Marvel’s new mystery films?

Ben Skipper
Movies Blog

Over the weekend president of Marvel films Kevin Feige revealed to Bloomberg that his company, whose monster hit 'Avengers Assemble' broke the $1 billion mark this week, has five more films in the works, only three of which have been officially announced. These are 'Iron Man 3', which will begin shooting in just over a week, 'Thor 2' and 'Captain America 2'.  'Avengers 2' can be ruled out as this was announced last week.

So... what are the other two?

Firstly, we can safely assume there's a Hulk film in the works, seeing as the big man stole the show in 'Avengers' and Mark Ruffalo - who played Dr Bruce Banner - recently signed a six film deal with Marvel.

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As previous unsuccessful efforts prove however, a standalone Hulk project is tricky business. Some of what made the big green monster a hit in The Avengers will (possibly) be missing next time around: other superheroes to interact with and Joss Whedon's well-known affection for the character.

He could return in a writing capacity, but Marvel will surely be looking to tie him down for 'Avengers 2' instead.

We'd love to see the Hulk film setting up the 'Avengers' sequel and allow other characters (Samuel L Jackson's Nick Fury, Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye, Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow) to get involved.

It's a mystery as to what the second 'mystery' Marvel film might be however, but bloggers are already mulling the possibilities.

The studio definitely wants to expand their film universe with new characters. Audiences could also tire of the current cast once their sequels are done and dusted by mid-2014. Who better to offer something different then than Ant Man?

His film has been touted for a long time now, with 'Shaun of the Dead' director Edgar Wright reportedly working on a script with a view to possibly directing as well.

Wright's involvement indicates a more comedic tone; the story is about a scientist whose chief ability is to shrink in size, so it would have to be pretty tongue in cheek. No news on casting but the script is reportedly in good shape.

Doctor Strange is another character that's been long rumoured to make the transition to the big screen. The character is described as "the mightiest magician in the cosmos".

Luke Cage - a superhero who uses his powers for monetary gain - is another character who Marvel wants to bring to the screen according to Feige. Cage is unusual as he's one of few superheroes who rents himself out as a mercenary, so he also brings something different to the party.

Cage would also be the easiest and the cheapest to bring to the big screen because, we assume, it wouldn't require expensive special effects to bring him to life.

We're still over two years away from the unannounced films being released, but expect to see concrete plans from the record-breaking studio soon.