Lego Inception parody set to become viral hit

Ben Skipper
Movies Blog
11 June 2012

Lego parody videos are ten-a-penny but the latest may well be the best one yet. Taking on Christopher Nolan's 2010 BLOCK-buster 'Inception' (get it!?), it combines slick CGI with a great sense of humour and some of the film's standout scenes.

Watch it below...

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Taking approximately 1000 'man hours' over the course of 12 weeks it was completed by a group of final year Visual Effects and Concept Design students from Staffordshire University as part of a project.

The original film won numerous Oscars for its visual effects in 2011, one of the recipients of which was former student Peter Bebb who enjoyed the parody and sent his congratulations to the team behind it.

The video was created by Pedrom Dadgostar, Hollie Price, Jack Milton, Simon Stirrup, Sam Serridge, Jack Bosworth and Sidney Thibault.

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