Lothario Muppet Pepe reveals foolproof chat up line

The Muppets star Pepe The King Prawn is notorious for his womanising ways and he let Yahoo! Movies in on his secret skills for getting the ladies.

The lothario announced that he used the classic line "You're hot. I'm spicy. We [would] make a good dish together".

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The Spaniard has clearly touched on all his talents as he is currently working as a chef.

Watch the full interview:

He went on to tell us which celebs he had 'successfully' chatted up using this blunt method. Justin Beiber had better look away now.

He confirmed that Selena Gomez, Katy Perry and (oddly) Michelle Pfeiffer had all succumbed to his charms.

Pepe revealed his secrets whilst talking to us about the DVD/Blu-ray launch of their latest film, 'The Muppets' which is available in stores now.

Watch the trailer:

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