Star Wars fans can now freeze themselves in carbonite

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Ever fancied seeing how you'd look frozen in carbonite? Well, Walt Disney World will soon let you follow in Han Solo's misty footsteps from 'Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back'.

The annual Star Wars weekends held at the Florida park are coming up this month, and this year they're using 3D printer technology to create visitors' very own carbonite replicas.

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They're not life size, in fact they're only 8 inches tall, and they do cost £62 ($100) - we're fairly certain Han Solo didn't pay cash - but they do look pretty cool.

Visitors will have to book ahead, and here's how they're selling the experience:

"Guests will step into a 'carbon freezing chamber', where multiple cameras will be used to scan the guest's face in 3D. That scan will be used to create an 8-inch figurine of the famous carbon freeze pose, with the guest's face instead of Han's (which will be shipped to the guest in about 4 weeks). A light-up wristband is also included."

Well, the light-up wristband sold it for us. Are you tempted to get frozen in carbonite?