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5 of the most ridiculously big movie star mansions

Movie stars make bin liners full of cash per film, so it's no surprise they invest a portion of this loot into property.

Naturally though, some of our A-list friends go a bit over the top when it comes to purchasing and decorating their pads; from tennis courts to personal runways.

Here's the Hollywood legends and their over-the-top mansions.

Murphy's Law... Eddie's unsellable mansion (credit: Daily Mail)

5: Eddie Murphy

Comedian Eddie Murphy recently sold his New Jersey mansion for just under half of the £19 million asking price. So what did the lucky bidder get for his buck? 32 rooms, 8 bathrooms, an indoor pool, music studio, cinema, a two lane bowling alley and guest house big enough to technically be a mansion itself. That 'Pluto Nash' money didn't go to waste.

Brangelina's little fixer-upper (Credit: Daily Mail)

4: Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie

Brangelina's holiday home in the south of France is BIG. 35 rooms in fact. That's enough space for the couple to eventually adopt all the children of the world. Chateau Miraval set the couple back around £35 million, with an added £10 million in renovation costs. These included 20 fountains, several Jacuzzis and a motorbike track for Brad. The only downside is their new neighbour… Bono.  It may not be the most ridiculous on this list, but it's certainly the priciest.

Cozy Calabasas... the Smith's sensible family home (Credit: Perezhilton)

3: Will & Jada Smith

Mr & Mrs Smith's £12.5 million California mansion took seven years to build. The Fresh Prince even joked that there was no point his kids choosing rooms as by the time it was finished they'd have their own places anyway. "Calabasas castle" as it's called includes a basketball court, a tennis court and a lake. Just months after the family finally moved in, in 2005, they were forced to evacuate due to nearby bushfires. Shame.

Head in the clouds... Travolta and his plane-freindly house (Credit: Telstar Logisitics)

2: John Travolta

Two Lamborghinis on the drive? Not good enough. John Travolta's £1.6 million holiday home in Florida has parking for his two Boeing and Gulfstream jets. As well as a 7,500 ft private runway. It's ok though; there is still space for his car in the garage… 16 of them in fact.

Extravagant... Nick Cage's small empire of castles (Credit: Daily Mail/Luxist)

1: Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage owned a castle. But wait, it gets better. Nicolas Cage owned two castles. Back in 2007 the ever sensible Cage bought Midford Castle, near Bath, Somerset, and Schloss Neidstein Castle in Germany for a combined £4.5million. Part of the star's colossal £20 million spree which notched up two yachts, nine Rolls Royces, 47 pieces of artwork and three houses - including the two castles. Cage was forced to sell his flamboyant fortresses just two years later when the IRS finally caught up with him over a few discrepancies.