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New Skyfall trailer shows James Bond get shot

The new James Bond 'Skyfall' trailer has landed online showcasing a host of new footage and a shock twist.

Watch the new trailer below:

The action-packed promo gives us the first proper look at Javier Bardem's curiously coiffured villain, Silva. The menacing star gets up to a number of dastardly deeds in the video; blowing up buildings, capturing Bond and causing havoc in MI6.

The trailer opens up a number of questions about the history of the character, his relationship with Daniel Craig's James Bond and, crucially, Judi Dench's M.

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The entire video delves deeper into the mysterious past of Bond's boss. In the opening scene M is found drafting 007's obituary. According to her, Bond is "missing, believed killed, while on an official mission to Turkey".

We also see more of the moment Naomie Harris's character Eve is ordered by M to "take the shot" and shoot James Bond off the top of a moving train with a sniper rifle. Bond subsequently falls off a bridge into the river below…

Later in the trailer we get a glimpse of Bérénice Marlohe's character Sévérine. It seems the femme fatale works for Bardem's villainous character but becomes Bond's ally after a sultry encounter with the secret agent.

The trailer formally introduces us to Bond's new Quartermaster (AKA Q), played by the talented Ben Whishaw. The character is back on the big screen after 10 years. We previously saw Q in 'Die Another Day', but the character was absent from Daniel Craig's last two Bond films, 'Casino Royale' and 'Quantum of Solace'.

Watch the previous teaser clip below.

'Skyfall' is released in the UK on 26 October 2012.