Colin Farrell describes embarrassing Boyzone audition

During a recent interview with the stars of 'Total Recall', Yahoo asked star Colin Farrell about online rumours that he once auditioned to be in Irish boyband Boyzone.

To the shock of the Yahoo readers in attendance and even his co-stars Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel, the rumour is in fact true.

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"So I was on a dance floor in Dublin and I was 17, in leather trousers and a rubber T-shirt - I'll spare no embarrassing details - when Louis Walsh came up to me and said, 'I'm forming a band, they're going to be huge, do you want to be in it?'."

"I said yeah so I want to an audition the next day and there were 150 lads outside the door with various spray-tans, tight t-shirts etcetra. I went in and sang Careless Whisper twice... they asked me to sing it again because they couldn't believe how shocking I was!"

The question came about after the stars of the high-profile remake were asked what careers they would pursue if acting was off the cards.

Beckinsale said she'd want to be Freddie Mercury for a bit while Biel revealed how inspired she had been by the summer's Olympic Games, saying she'd love to be a track and field athlete.

Director Len Wiseman was more realistic, saying he would be a comic book artist as his career started off with drawing and he doesn't get to do it enough anymore.

'Total Recall' is out in cinemas nationwide now.