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Daniel Day-Lewis could have been Vincent Vega in Pulp Fiction

In a casting move that is now tough to imagine, Daniel Day-Lewis could have played Vincent Vega in 'Pulp Fiction'.

A new article on the making of the movie in Vanity Fair magazine has now lifted the lid on the iconic Tarantino picture.

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Pulp Fiction... Travolta and Jackson could have been Day-Lewis and Jackson (Copyright: Rex)

But the hitman with a heroin problem also had another suitor, alongside the inimitable star of 'Lincoln' and 'There Will Be Blood'.

“Daniel Day-Lewis and Bruce Willis, who was the biggest star in Hollywood, had both gotten their hands on the script and wanted to play Vincent Vega,” said director Quentin Tarantino's agent Mike Simpson.

Meanwhile producer Harvey Weinstein was lobbying for Sean Penn or William Hurt for the role, and was said to be 'dead-set' against Travolta.

In other bombshells from the lengthy exploration of Tarantino's finest film, Uma Thurman says that she nearly walked away from her part as Mia Wallace over the infamous 'gimp' scene, saying that she found it 'pretty frightening'.

“I wasn’t sure I wanted to do it, because I was worried about the Gimp stuff,” she said. “We had very memorable, long discussions about male rape versus female rape. No one could believe I even hesitated in any way. Neither can I, in hindsight.”

But in a move that Matt Dillon must regret to this day, he lost his chance to play Butch, the role which eventually went to Bruce Willis, after being initially promised the role by Tarantino.

“So he gave Matt the script,” continued Tarantino's agent Mike Simpson, “and he read it and said, ‘I love it. Let me sleep on it.’ Quentin then called me and said, ‘He’s out. If he can’t tell me face-to-face that he wants to be in the movie - after he read the script - he’s out.’”

“Once I got Bruce Willis, Harvey [Weinstein] got his big movie star, and we were all good,” adds Tarantino. “Bruce Willis made us legit. 'Reservoir Dogs' did fantastic internationally, so everyone was waiting for my new movie. And then when it was my new movie with Bruce Willis, they went apes**t.”