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Epic Die Hard car crash ad appears in Oslo

Remember in ‘Die Hard 4’ when John McClane took out a helicopter with a car? Well now he’s doing it to billboards.

An amazingly creative ad for ‘A Good Day To Die Hard’ has popped up in Oslo, Norway, looking like McClane himself has crashed his car through a poster for the film.

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Remember where we parked... Oslo's Die Hard ad (Credit: imgur)
So far the promotional instillation, posted on Reddit, looks to be the only one of its kind for the film, but it’s still pretty impressive.

‘A Good Day To Die Hard’, the fifth installment in the iconic action series, sees John McClane (Bruce Willis) travel to Russia where his son Jack (Jai Courtney), who is working for the CIA, is in trouble after the assassination of a Russian official. It is the first time the franchise has left US soil.

Last week Willis appeared on BBC1’s ‘The One Show’, bizarrely slating his own film and mumbling to presenters about its awkward name.

Maybe Bruce Willis took as much issue with the ads as he did with the film’s title?

‘A Good Day To Die Hard’ is out in the UK 14 February 2013.