Evolution of the Batman logo

For 72 years now Batman has crusading in a cape around Gotham, so it's not surprising he's reinvented himself with a few wardrobe changes and rethinks.

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That's why Irish designer Cathryn Lavery has put together this poster of the Bat's many motifs.

There are some clear classics on the poster (via Gizmodo), Tim Burton's 'Batman Returns' or 'The Dark Knight' logos — but also some less traditional designs like 1993's 'Batman: Knightfall' or 'Batman Beyond' from 1999.

The Bat logo is pretty much the most important thing for the man who wants to be a symbol for the city, especially if it's going to be projected over the gloomy Gotham skies. So we'll forgive the Bat, or at least his many creators, for changing their minds a few times.

The Evolution of Batman Poster is available for $60 (£36.99) from calmtheham.com