Exclusive: Going to ‘Chernobyl’ was the right thing to do says Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis and Jai Courtney talk epic action, going to Chernobyl and father/son love McClane-style in our exclusive ‘A Good Day To Die Hard’ featurette.

“It’s a big, rockin’ ‘Die Hard’ movie,” says Bruce.

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In the clip we get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the making of ‘A Good Day To Die Hard’ including interviews with Bruce Willis and Jai Courtney about the “pretty contentious” relationship between icon of action Detective John McClane and his estranged son Jack… who happens to be working for the CIA.

“Things haven’t exactly been chummy for the last few years,” says 26 year-old Australian born Courtney, “but they have to band together and sort it out. Get out of there alive.”

“The action is awesome. Where else can you legally crash cars, beat guys up and fire weapons on a daily basis?”

The featurette also shows the mammoth operation to shoot the fifth ‘Die Hard’ installment, using 55 different sets. Most of the action was filmed in Hungary – the biggest production to ever shoot in capital Budapest – used as a stand-in for Russia.

The finale of the film unfolds at infamous nuclear disaster site Chernobyl. “No one’s supposed to go to Chernobyl,” says Bruce, now 57, “so we went there because it seemed like the right thing to do.”

“It is the way of life that trouble finds John McClane. He’s just attracted to it.”