Exclusive new Looper poster artwork

Time-travelling sci-fi actioner 'Looper' has a new poster boasting its stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis, who play younger and older versions of the same character.

'Looper' is set in a future where if the mob wants to get rid of someone they send them 30 years into the past, and into the waiting crosshairs of a hired killer. That hired killer is played by Gordon-Levitt, who one day finds that his target is the future version of himself, played by Willis.

Gordon-Levitt wears prosthetics throughout, so he looks at least a little bit like a younger version of the 'Die Hard' star.

Also starring our own Emily Blunt and directed by Rian Johnson, the man behind critically acclaimed indie noir 'Brick', 'Looper' is a rare original blockbuster treat and is set for release on 28 September.