Exclusive: Tom Cruise in new Jack Reacher poster

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4 October 2012

Tom Cruise's face takes up around 80 per cent of our exclusive 'Jack Reacher' poster.

The moody new artwork gives us some more clues about the route the movie will take. Given the dark trailer and even darker poster we should be expecting a gritty, action-packed thriller come 26 December.

Christopher McQuarrie, who directed Cruise in 'Valkyrie', is behind the camera while Rosamund Pike, Robert Duvall and intriguingly Werner Herzog co-star.

Some of you may remember there was a minor online backlash when 5'7" Cruise was cast, with fans complaining he was "too small". They have a point, as the maverick homicide cop is supposed to be 6'5" in the books, but author Lee Child said he was "thrilled" about Cruise's casting.

He's clearly big enough for the poster...

And if there's one thing the star does better than anyone, it's beating up baddies, as the action-packed trailer proves.

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