Film world reacts to JJ Abrams directing new Star Wars film

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Though it remains to be officially confirmed, it would appear that JJ Abrams has scooped the most-coveted – and perhaps most-feared – job in Hollywood.

Respected news sites Deadline and The Wrap both have inside sources putting the Bad Robot boss and 'Star Trek Into Darkness' helmsman in the director's chair for 'Star Wars VII', ending months of speculation.

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But what does the rest of the film business think?

Generally, it's positive, with actor doubtless hoping to bag themselves a role with fawning congratulations, and directors heaving out a sigh of relief that they don't have the burden of making what is likely to be one of the most heavily-scrutinised movie projects ever.

Twitter has been alive with debate, with Elijah Wood being one of the first to weigh in, with a cheeky snipe at Abrams' stylistic tropes.

“The Flare is strong with this one,” he wrote, referring to Abrams' fondness for the 'lens flare' camera effect.

Director of 'Moon' and 'Source Code' Duncan Jones said: “Congratulations Mr.J.J.! All eyes on you to tell us what the hell the future of space travel is gonna be!”

Simon Pegg, who has starred in both Abrams' 'Star Trek' films, and who could well scoop a role said: “Congratulations JJ. No pressure. :-).”

Meanwhile, former Hobbit Dominic Monaghan, who worked with Abrams on 'Lost' and may be hoping to get a call to his agent, added: “Anyone else as pumped as I am that jj abrams is signed on to direct #starwars ? He will CRRRRRRUSH it.”

The most sage remark, however, was made by talk show host Conan O'Brien, who tweeted: “JJ Abrams directing #StarWars is acceptable, IF it's an alternate timeline where Jar-Jar is incinerated 30 seconds into Phantom Menace.”

Amen to that...