First Die Hard 5 trailer explodes online

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What bother has John McClane got himself into now?

In the first teaser trailer to drop from 'A Good Day To Die Hard', it shows the beleaguered New York cop facing some of the heaviest ordnance of his terrorist-smashing career so far.

Watch the trailer below:

Challenging the law of diminishing returns, he's not just taking out bearded Germanic chaps with guns, it's now about plucking helicopter gunships from the sky, firing bazookas and driving armoured tank car things.


John Moore, the director behind 'Max Payne', is helming the fifth in the 'Die Hard' series and it looks like he's got the explosions in the bag.

Starring alongside Willis are Jai Courtney from 'Spartacus' playing McClane's son Jack, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Cole Hauser and Sebastian Koch.

It's due out on February 14, 2013. The perfect date movie? Possibly not...