Freaky early Jurassic Park 4 character designs

You might have read our story a while back about the frankly bonkers script for 'Jurassic Park 4' that found its way online back in 2007.

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Very briefly, it saw an evil corporation (aren't they all?) create genetically engineered dinosaur mercenaries with the DNA samples nicked by Denis Nedry in the first film. They gave the dinos human DNA so they could use guns and solve problems. One of them was called Achilles.

Steven Spielberg came up with the story, which he apparently called "the mother of all ideas", but it was just too weird to ever get made.

However, recently surfaced images of the dino-mercenaries (assumign they're genuine) show us how this bizarre sequel might have looked.

According to the reddit post, they're a mixture of original concept art by Carlos Huante and renders created by ILM artist Andrew Cawrse.

The designs are odd. They don't even look like dinosaurs to us, with several sites pointing out their similarity to The Lizard from 'The Amazing Spider-Man'.

Thankfully these mutant monstrosities never shuffled onto cinema screens, but a new 'Jurassic Park' adventure could still be in the works.

This summer it was announced that 'Rise Of The Planet of the Apes' duo Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver were writing a script for a totally different 'Jurassic Park' sequel, with the film only "two years away", according to producer Frank Marshall.