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New Harry Potter Store opens at Platform 9 ¾

An exclusive 'Harry Potter' Merchandise store has opened at King's Cross Station in London, alongside the series' iconic platform 9 ¾.
Magic merchandise (Credit: Think Jam)

The store, which will sell licensed merchandise from the 'Harry Potter' franchise, is the only one of its kind in London, and will also offer official photographs of visitors with the popular disappearing luggage trolley at platform 9 ¾, where Harry began his journey to Hogwarts in 'The Philospher's Stone'.

World of wands (Credit: Think Jam)

Warwick Davis, who plays both Professor Flitwick and Griphook in the series, was on site to cut the red tape, as well as give us his thoughts on the experience.

Crowds gather outside the new Harry Potter Store

Warwick Davis announces the official opening.

Warwick cuts the red tape to allow the crowds in.
"When we were making the first film there were only two books at that point, and there was never any forecast of what it would become," said the dwarf actor, who's previous credits also include Wicket the Ewok in "Star Wars: Episode VI — Return of the Jedi', "now we stand here some sort of 12 years on from that first film and it's amazing how far reaching it is. Much like 'Star Wars' it's become part of popular culture."

Warwick, who boasted the fact his characters have more mini-figure likeness than any other individual from the series, told of how happy for fans he was to see merchandise on sale, particularly Flitwick's own wand: When that came out I thought it was great. It doesn't work as well as the original… I haven't been able to levitate anything."
We meet Warwick and pose by the iconic trolley.
"I'd love to be able to levitate in reality though. It'd be very useful when you're 3ft 6. I could hover up to cash machines and counters in shops!"

Items on sale at the Platform 9 ¾ store include character's wands, Hogwarts clothing, collectors jewelry and crafted figures, as well as the series of books themselves.